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Delivery Woes

My wife pre-ordered the Shadowrun 5 core book for my birthday (23/5) and I’m still waiting for it to be delivered by Amazon. Amazon has advised me that it might be preferable for me to cancel the order and submit a new one. Unfortunately being in Australia this just resets the clock before the book is delivered. I’m wondering if there is anyone else out there who hasn’t received a pre-order or if I’m going to be the lucky recipient of the last book from the first print run. Hopefully I’ll have the book before we get back to our Blood Protocol campaign in 2014.

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Christmas Plans

Leading up to Christmas the group traditionally gets tied up in family commitments so we end up missing games. In the past this has resulted in people missing whole sections of a campaign or TPKs (what do you mean the decker isn’t coming?) so instead we switch to something a bit more lighthearted. Last year it was LOTFP’s The God that Crawls and this year the plan is to play some Dungeon World. I look forward to trying different systems during Christmas and I’m even more excited to hand over the GM reins for a while (The horse responsible for organizing the group is still mine though :(). I plan on playing Dungeon World’s take on the Barbarian. I particularly like the rules around the Barbarian’s appetites and the option of being heavily armored or unencumbered. Dungeon World’s system also favors fluff over crunch so I’m looking forward to really embellishing my character.
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My RPG Profile

photo.jpgZak’s posted the idea of an rpg profile that would give people an idea of who you are and what you’re about in the RPG world. Here’s mine.

I’m currently running: A fortnightly Shadowrun 5th Edition game.

Tabletop RPGs I’m currently playing include: Dungeon World

I would especially like to play: Legend of the Five Rings and Stars without Number

I live in: Australia

2 or 3 well-known RPG products other people made that I like: Lamentations of the Flame Princess, BECMI Dungeons and Dragons, TMNT

2 or 3 novels comics I like: The Last days of American Crime, Criminal: Last of the Innocent, FVZA

2 or 3 movies I like: Miami Vice, The Devil’s Backbone, Nightwatch

Best place to find me on-line: google+

I will read almost anything on tabletop RPGs if it’s: My standards are low. If it’s formatted to be readable I’ll probably read it.

Games I run are like this.

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Combat Narrative

A previous post started a discussion of the complexity inherent in Shadowrun that isn’t found in other games. In particular the attack action and the procedure to determine if you hit and how much damage you inflict was cited as being more complex than attack actions in other games. In the discussion I compared Shadowrun’s attack action to Dungeon and Dragon’s and I started thinking about how Shadowrun’s attack action affects the narrative of the combat.

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Secret Santicore 2013

Secret Santicore 2013 I have signed up for Secret Santicore 2013, an annual community project where GMs and players request new RPG content and in return fulfill another random person’s request. Ideally the requests can be fulfilled in one to two pages and cover a variety of RPGs and genres. This year it’s being administered by Joey Lindsey over at Metal vs Skin who I hope will be sending out the requests  on the 5th of October to be fulfilled. I’m keen to not only see what someone else has requested but to see how I go with writing something down for a change.

Last year’s Secret Santicore can be downloaded here.

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Why I’m getting 5th Edition

I was asked why I was picking up the new edition of Shadowrun when I’ve already invested heavily into 4th edition. While I do believe there isn’t a compelling reason to move from 4th edition to 5th edition for many existing players (is there ever?).  I do have my reasons for moving to the new edition, some based on the previews and some based on internet rumours. Read More →

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Every Sandbox needs a Villian

havok_1a_by_jagged_eye-d628cj1With the upcoming release of the 5th edition of Shadowrun I have been discussing the possibility of starting a new campaign with my players and consensus is now would be the time to start fresh. With this in mind I have started to think about the things I would improve in our current and past campaigns and one of the things I struggle with when running a sandbox game is creating and maintaining meaningful villains. I find either the PCs are not interested in engaging with the villain or sensing the threat he poses eliminate him immediately.  I’m still in the initial stages of creating a villainous figurehead for my 5th edition game and to assist me I’ve broken down the core aspects of a Shadowrun villain to pick and choose from. Read More →

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Pricing the Job, Sandbox Style

One of the often debated aspects of Shadowrun is how much a successful run is worth. If you play by the book then it’s it is more profitable to steal cars than do runs. If listen to the internet and pay your characters well then the game loses the cyberpunk element as characters can often perform 1 or 2 jobs and retire. Running the sandbox adds an additional difficulty in not knowing where the next run is going to come from and how many runs are going to be active at the same time. So how do I, a sandbox GM, price a shadowrun so that the players are rewarded fairly?

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Guest Author: Magester

In my travels I’ve chanced upon the opportunity to invite a fellow player to write a guest post for the blog. His online handle is Magester and I’ll use his words to introduce him.

“I’m 32, I live in Oregon, but I’m a day sleeper, so I call myself a Left Coast Vampire. I’ve been involved with role playing games since I was 7 years old, and have been a huge fan of the Shadowrun world since I was about 9. I’ve read every novel I can get my hands on, and have pretty much every source book from 2nd ed up.” — Magestar.

Magester’s post “To kill a Security Guard” will be available 24 hours from now.

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