The megacorporations play an intricate game of espionage and statecraft over the world but one megacorporation has emerged who would control and profit from metahumanity’s evolution. Can the character’s discover the secret behind metahumanity’s evolutionary singularity before it’s too late?


Shadowrun 5: Blood Protocol – Evolve or Die

Transhumanism: How much are you willing to pay to be stronger? faster? smarter? Can you even afford it. Shadowrun Blood Protocol explores the effects of transhumanism on the haves and the have-nots and what happens when a megacorporation discovers the technological singularity.

Shadowrun: Blood Protocol is a techno-thriller. The secrets the character’s know will be their armor and weapons in a world where surveillance is ubiquitous, matrix connectivity is one of Maslow’s physiological needs and people can read your mind.

No longer do the characters hustle on the streets learning their trade. The characters are Shadowrunners, deniable assets filed away in Mr Johnson’s Rolodex waiting for another job.

The game is set on a global stage – From the dark shadows of the Seattle’s skyscrapers to the dust filled pavilions of Asamando the characters will journey across the world to discover the insidious plot for meta-humanity’s future.

The characters are outside normal society and must work within the confines of a crime-filled, bloody world. The characters may have chosen this life for themselves or had it forced upon them. Either way they must find a way to survive.

Stories are told at night. The characters work in the shadows and darkness because the daylight reveals their crimes for what they are – a desperate attempt to struggle free from the pervasive control and destitution they’re surrounded by. The daytime is for naive wageslaves who know nothing about the world beyond their corporate enclaves. If your character is awake during the day expect  to be popping longhaul and fatigued from the night before.

Your character’s victories will be pyrrhic. Characters and their friends will be hurt or killed and you may never be truly sure you succeeded at all. Your characters are forced to make choices between corrupting themselves or turning into a true villain. There will never be a good choice – something dear to you must always be sacrificed.


Harry Troll Bounty Hunter

Harry the Bastard
Ork Bounty Hunter

Gabriel Combat Mage

Combat Mage

Rou Augmented Human

Augmented Human









Harley Emergency Nurse

Emergency Nurse

Michael St ClairEvo Research Scientist

Michael St Claire
Evo Research Scientist

Evelyn Saeder-Krupp Black Operative

Saeder-Krupp Black Operative





















Vickers Sasabonsam Butcher

Sasabonsam Butcher










Episode 1: After stealing a prototype weapon from Ares the team is ambushed and divided. With a splitting headache, Harry meets a friend with an interesting  job offer. Rou wakes up to find he’s been abducted and sold to organleggers. Gabriel comforts Harley after a bad shift at Redmond General Hospital.

Episode 2: Rou meets death head on. The team races through the barrens to save him before discovering Evelyn’s search query hints at a wider conspiracy.

Episode 3: Harry chases after Boyd Wilson, a Halloweener with a penchant for burning people alive.

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